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Zink Collection

“Zink Collection”

Zink inspired by empirical method of inquiry, taking classic techniques and modern interpretations to showcase the contrasting effects between extreme and soft.

The Zink showcases a stunning array of bronze, yellow, pink gold, petrol green and copper hues that shimmer across the hair as it moves.

The range of modern cuts and styles, with expertly mixed cool tones that emphasis the warm shades.

The effect is homage to the first rays of sunlight, still imbued with traces of the night, and the soft pink glimmers of dawn.


Name of entrant: Bill Tsiknaris
Name of collection: Zink
Category: QLD Hairdresser of the Year
Colourist: Chris Tsiknaris
Photographer: David Mannah
Make Up Artist: Luana Cosia
Stylist: Lydia-Jane Saunders