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Collection name: Clèmentine

Stylist: Roxanne Benli

Colourist: Elena Nardone

Photographer: Elizabeth Kinnaird

Make Up Artist: Sarah Baxter


Annika Wagar

Coco Aboukhater

Carly Stone

Lucy Dickinson

Natasha Heal

Amy Pollock


We set out to create something beautiful, something that you could stand and stare at for a while.

Taking inspiration from the warm tones of the 70’s and aiming to enhance the individual beauty of each of our models.

We wanted to create wearable real looks for our girls, taking into consideration things like their skin tone and eye colour, their personality and style.



Collection: Luna

Colourist: Charmayne Robinson

Hairdresser: Amanda Conner

Salon: Papas and Pace

Photographer: Andrew O’Toole

Fashion Stylists: Sarah Birchley

Make Up Artist: Hayley Edgar

Product Company: Redken


‘Luna’ is described as being the goddess of the moon, a female entity that was said to work through the dark as the sun was resting.

The moon itself is as dark as coal, yet is the brightest object within our solar system, it emits no light end requires the sun’s light to form its glow.

The symbolism from that inspired who I believed this collection reflects, strong women pushing through the dark, fighting for the light together.

For this collection I also drew inspiration physically from the Moon’s shape, texture, contrast and also the energy shift felt when the moon transitions. I tried to create moving points of light and texture with colour to mirror an eclipse effect.

Each look within the collection is in a different transition, with some looks being more illuminated and others more shadowed, creating a different energy and emotion with

each individual look.



Hair stylist- Daniella Barca

Hair Colourist- Pina Mercuri

Makeup artist- Sarah Baxter

Stylist- Alanna Barca Gay

Photographer- Michaela Barca


The strong, wavelike, forward movement of the hair was inspired by the rolling swell of the sea- SURGE. Where creativity, skill, precision and fashion forward style combine to establish a platform to inspire.

There is a definite flow throughout SURGE with the connecting element being waves in various forms. Simplistic haircuts brought to life with movement, influenced by rounded exaggerations that push and stretch the cuts into a new vision of hair styling.

The foundation was set by the classic haircut concepts. The shapes feature progressive tailored techniques that assist in creating the detail of the mouldable vibrations and rippled effects throughout the hair styling.

Innovative colour application emphasises the contouring of the styled haircut shapes with clever placement and colour selections to enhance and compliment the individual.

The styling is influenced by modern Japanese culture; featuring bold contrasting colours, raw edges and layered natural textures like linen and silk.

There is an evident movement in the world where individualism is being celebrated and SURGE embraces this through its use of dynamic and individual girls. Each personality wearing their hair as their accessory specialised to them. Capturing these personalities along with an attitude or an emotion, through its use of portraiture photography, drawing the viewer in to take a second look.